TK was never inclined towards education since childhood. He was a school drop out, though he tried his best to continue his education. But his true passion laid in fine art. He was a passionate painter and clay artist. He made fantastic idols of God and Goddess with clay. When his father realised his true talent, he sent Tapash to a clay artist 5o learn the work professionally. For many years he learnt the art of idol making and worked as arts assistant to the arthritis but without any remuneration. He came to the City of Joy when he realised that his years of dedication towards the art has matured his skill of idol making and strengthen his determination to work on his own. The passion of singing and lyrics writing also dwelt in his heart and he always dreamt of trying his luck as a singer as well. With great hardship and help and support from his father, he managed to buy a harmonium and his father arranged for a music teacher to develop his singing talent. But he had to discontinue his learning due to various struggle which kept him occupied. Yet he never gave up on his dreams and while working as a clay artist, he continued his strive towards music. Tapash released two Bengali albums of his own but unfortunately he couldn’t achieve the glory of success yet. But like every talented person, struggle didn’t break his dreams and he is working hard to pave his way towards success.

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